“ Baku Electronics ”
expresses you huge gratitude for your choice. Getting our goods, you simultaneously have a right to use guarantee services. The guarantee coupon, for the period of 36 months, includes installation and repair of the appliance. “Baku Service Company” will help you in it.

The basic purpose of “Baku Service Company ” consists in that- in the shortest terms qualitatively to eliminate the arisen problems. “Baku Service Company ” the duly and qualified help will be rendered to you.
The guarantee coupon stands out on all kinds of the goods of home appliances.
The guarantee coupon is valid only at presence correctly and precisely specified: models, serial number of a product, date of sale, precise sales of firm - the seller, the signature of the buyer.
Serial number and model of a product should correspond specified in the guarantee coupon.

1. Conditions of Guarantee certificates of Free-of-charge service below-mentioned: 
   “Baku Service Company ” provides free-of-charge service of a product within 36 months from the date of sale of a product, and bears guarantee certificates within 12 months from the date of sale (at absence of infringements of the present Conditions)

 2. Guarantee certificates do not extend on the products listed below an accessory if their replacement is stipulated by a design and is not connected with disassembly of a product. For all kinds of products:
On remote controls, accumulators, elements of a feed (battery), external power units.

Cables, antennas and adapters for them, headphones, microphones, data carriers of various types (-udio-video cassettes, discs with the software and drivers, memory card);

Covers, belts, assembly devices, the tool, the documentation applied on a product.

In addition for:

On absorbers of smells, treaters of air (biodeodorants) filters;

Microwave oven:
On plates, spits, lattices, dishes;

Vacuum cleaners:
On hoses, tubes, brushes, nozzles, dust chambers, filter;

Washing machines:
On filters, bars for a feed / plum of water;

AIR Conditioners:

Cartridges (except for a cartridge entering into a list of standard equipment) 
A cartridge entering into a list of standard equipment extends guarantee certificates within 3 months from the date of sale.

3. Free-of-charge service is not made for the accessories listed in item 3 of the present conditions.

4. The manufacturer does not bear guarantee certificates and does not make free-of-charge service of a product in following cases:

a) If the product intended for personal (household, family) needs, was used for realization of enterprise activity, and also in other purposes mismatching its direct purpose;
b) In case of an offense and an environment, array of a product stated in the Maintenance instruction;
c) If the product has traces of attempts of not qualified repair;
d) If flaw is caused by alteration of a design or the scheme of the product, not stipulated by "Manufacturer";
e)If flaw is caused by action of invincible forces, accidents, deliberate or careless actions of the consumer or the third parties;
f)If the damages caused by hit inside of a product of extraneous subjects, substances, liquids, insects are detected;
g)If cleaning udi-, video heads, drives for reading the information from carriers of various types is required;
Use of stereotyped expendable supplies automatically deprives with you a guarantee of the Manufacturer.

5. Guarantee certificates and free-of-charge service do not extend on following lacks of a product:
a)The measuring damages which have arisen after transfer of the goods to the consumer;
b)The Damages caused by discrepancy to standards of parameters of feeding, telecommunication, cable networks and other similar external factors;
c)The Damages caused by use nonstandard and (or) poor-quality expendable supplies, accessories, spare parts, elements of a feed, a data carrier of various types (including, but not being limited to audio-video cassettes.

6. Adjustment and array (assembly, connection, etc.) the products described in the documentation, applied on them, can be executed both the user, and experts of the majority. With a corresponding structure and firms - sellers (on a paid basis). Also you can take advantage of services of other experts having the certificate of conformity on carrying out of similar works. Thus the person (organization) which has installed a product, bears the responsibility for correctness and quality of array .We ask you to pay attention to the importance of correct array of a product, both for its reliable work, and for reception of guarantee and free-of-charge service. Demand from the expert on array to bring all necessary data on array of your product in the guarantee coupon.